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Open Letter from Laogai Survivors to reopen the Laogai Museum

September 24, 2018 by admin

Dear Ms. Fengshi Yang, Mr. Miles Maochun Yu, Mr. Gordon Chang, Mr. Jeff Fiedler and Mr. David Welker,

We are a group of Laogai Survivors and supporters of Laogai Survivors. Some of us have donated items for exhibits as well as documents for display and research as evidence to demonstrate the plight of the countless number of victims of the Laogai System in China.
When those of us who had the opportunity to visit the Laogai Museum, prior to its being shuttered, we were impressed about the depth and the breadth of the exhibits documenting the need to eliminate China’s oppression of basic human rights through the Laogai System. The Laogai Museum had even been listed as a place of prominence on an official street sign by Washington DC's local government. We are also deeply touched that Laogai museum is not only open to passers-by, but also many institutions and organizations, including many colleges and high school students and teachers, who have regularly visited and study in Laogai museum.
However, after the founder of Laogai Museum died, we are all disheartened to find that those few individuals who hold the keys to the Laogai Museum door and access to all of the resources and documents that were entrusted to the Laogai Research Foundation, have shuttered the Laogai Museum. We are writing to you to ask why the Laogai Museum in Washington, DC remains shuttered?
We are frustrated, even feeling betrayed here in the United States of America and the Western countries, these lands of freedom that we live in, as refugees and asylum seekers, to find that our carefully preserved Laogai exhibits have not been respected, remain hidden, and haven't even been dusted.
Had the PRC government promoters of the Laogai System ever wanted to obliterate the public’s knowledge in the United States of China's Laogai, they could not have done better in silencing and suppressing that message than the current holders of the Laogai Museum keys have done. If any of those people who may have secretly ethnic ties to the Chinese Communist Party and intentionally closed Laogai museum, we say: SHAME ON YOU. You have no business strangling the Laogai Research Foundation and frustrating its work and mission.
To all Board Members who hold the keys that have locked the Laogai Museum doors, we say: Open the Laogai Museum Immediately! Restore the Chinese and English websites of the Laogai Research Foundation and the Laogai Museum Immediately. Permit us the opportunity to view and inspect our contributions and exhibits and make recommendations about who will carry on and operate the Laogai Museum to its fullest capacity.
We are not to be ignored, and await your public reply.
Zhang Lin US, Xue Wei US, Tang Yuanjun US, Ning Xianhua US, Yao Cheng US, Chen Pokong US, Zhang Jing US, Wang Bin US, Wang Qingyun US
Jiang Jie US, Pen Jipan US, Qi Jiazhen AUS, Sun Liyong AUS, Sun Baoqing AUS, Tan Zuoren. China, Yan Zhengxue. China, Tang Longbin . China
Wang Sen . China Jian Lijun . China, Guo Chengming China, Xin Ying. China, Li guo Ta US,
Sep 13,2018

章家敦(Gordon Chang)先生,
傑夫.菲德勒 (Jeff Fiedler) 先生,
戴維.威爾克(David Welker) 先生:



張林 美国
薛伟 美国
陳破空 美国
唐元雋 美国
寧先華 美国
姚 誠 美国
張 菁 美国
王 斌 美国
王清營 美国
蔣 捷 美国
彭基磐 美国
齊家珍 澳洲
孫立勇 澳洲
孫寶強 澳洲
谭作人 中国
嚴正學 中國
唐隆兵 中國
王 森 中國
姜立軍 中國
郭承明 中國
辛 穎 中國
李国濤 美國


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